Who gets cyber security?

Cert NZ – 'Get cyber smart' campaign

The goal // To encourage kiwis to protect themselves online.
The solution // Use trusted partners to deliver the message.
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Getting kiwis to think about cyber security

CERT NZ is the government agency responsible for responding to cyber security threats. They were tasked with promoting a national Cyber Awareness Week, that needed to get people to understand the seriousness of cyber crime and to take action to ensure their personal data is secure and well protected.

The challenge was two-fold: to make a difficult topic interesting and easy to understand, and to reach the greatest number of New Zealanders within a modest budget. What began as a single ‘Cyber Smart Week’ initiative, became a future-focused partner programme and campaign.

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“Best Awareness Week and best branding I have seen in over 10 years in the business.”

Cyber Smart Week partner organisation

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Cyber security isn't fun. It's technical. It's hard.

The campaign creative delivered a fun and non-technical approach, effectively helping the NZ public understand how to implement the recommended security steps.

A series of fun and colourful ‘cyber bot’ characters became the centre of the campaign, allowing for consistently recognisable characters that could flexibly adapt for different audiences. They were instantly loved by all, from life-size cut-outs to collectible pins.

On Capiche’s advice CERT NZ encouraged over 60 partners to enhance their respective customer relationships through sharing the campaign messages to each of their databases. As a result, the Cyber Smart campaigns are growing CERT NZ’s awareness, with partner organisations reporting increased levels of security awareness and activity.

“Harnessing a partner programme with large customer databases enabled CERT NZ to educate via trusted channels - and achieve reach well beyond the level of marketing investment.”

Nicki Stephens, Strategist – Capiche

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The results:

  • Over 2.5m million unique customers reached during the campaign
  • Web traffic for three weeks immediately after the campaign aired was the highest in CERT NZ’s short 4 year history
  • 65 partners enhanced their brand reputation through sharing the campaign messages with their customers
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Think a strategic partners approach might work for your next campaign?

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